A single line that emerges in the evening.
I stand up straight and my pulse beats.
I hear birds.
The resounding sound of silence,
as if the bloodstream dances gently
You can see how the waves are filling up.
With this palm that feels the temperature
Color is projected onto the screen.
Overtones spread in transparency.

If you can’t find a reason to tie your shoelaces
Just take a peek inside.
Recognizing the contours of the rut
I should go deeper.
to recognize that there is nothing
That’s definitely strong evidence.
The scenery I see here now
There is no other correct answer than you.
This scenery is your mirror.
reflected in the world with closed eyes,
is your world.


I am water

The seesaw does not reveal its existence if it remains neutral
Ascend or descend or in any act thereof
Recognize that it is a seesaw

I forgot the existence of my feet and was floating in the air
until the winter solstice
As I stared at the sunrise, tears continued to overflow from my eyes

Feeling the passage of time in an instant
went deeper underground

I saw something shaped from the past
and the act of forgiving

visit my house unavoidably
take off armor

To finish learning and go on to the next journey
And to treat you with love
Considering the act of being depressed as a “calm state”

Acceptance of any action upon which one was dependent
To sit in a seat without denying or affirming

i am nobody
i think
it’s me

i have no name now
now i am the way i am
By hugging me gently and tightly

When the boundaries with you disappear
Even in this muddy, dirty and clumsy bottom
I’m full and smiling

To you who are watching over me
beyond form
To you who I will continue to love

I dedicate this empty picture